Designing an online merchandising store for Deloitte employees.

UI Design

Project Overview

This store was created for the multinational professional services network, Deloitte, was focused on making it easier for Deloitte’s employees to access Deloitte’s merchandise. In a company the size of Deloitte, an easy and fluent internal distribution of merchandising goes a long way. This project was carried out through the agency Línea Gráfica.

Web Design

Given the age of the brand, the design of the store was strictly governed by its style guide to make sure the results would stay on-brand.

The client made a special emphasis on being able to see as many products and their information as possible without having to scroll too much. We came out with a design that would show you the product, its name, its category and the price. Also, little stickers were designed to appear automatically on each new product and each sale product.

For this project we kept in mind that Deloitte employees would be making use of this store while on the clock, so we made sure to make the process as simple and easy as possible by creating a customized filter.

Each product would have its separate page were you could get to know more about the specifications of that product and select the amount and attributes you would like.

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