Feel The City

Designing a website and social media visual content.

UI Design / Social Media



Project Overview

Feel The City is a tourism company that was created in Seville by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to provide a way for tourists to be able to experience the city like a local. There are already more than 100,000 travelers a year who choose Feel the City Tours to discover not only the city of Seville but the whole country.

Web Design

The goal of this website was to refresh the image of the company by improving the user experience. This new website would have a platform where people could find all the Feel the City tours which would offer specific clear information of their routes and where you’ll be able to book them right the way.

Each tour has an individual page where the user can see all tour details. The idea was to make this pages very clean and visual feel so users could find the information at a glance and book if they wanted.

  >  Tour title
  >  Short description
  >  Infographic
  >  Details
  >  Gallery

A different infographic map was designed for each tour, marking each visit point of the tour.

To make information easier to read I designed different icons to accompany each specific detail of the tour. This icon repeats on different tour pages with that tour's corresponding info.

Social Media

For their social media, I developed a funny cartoonish style for social media designed to appeal to a variety of ages with a catchy phrase that has share-potential.

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