Developing a campaign to revive a prestigious brand.

Campaign Development / UI Design

Project Overview

Since 1940s this Colombian tomato sauce company has grown into a renowned brand in Spain as well as Central and South America. With more than seven decades in the market as a leader in the sauces category and after several years without launching any kind of targeted advertising, Fruco decided to invest in a marketing campaign.

As an old brand that hasn’t been too present in the market for the past few years, this campaign’s goal was to remind their customers that they were still up and running by bringing this feeling of nostalgia that we often get when we see an old brand come back to market after it’s been a little while.

Campaign Development

Since we were working with an old brand, we were dealing with old files, so we ended up going through a very careful vectorization of the logo. As part of the campaign strategy, we decided to keep the logo exactly as it used to be so the old consumers would recognize the brand.

Working side by side with the marketing team, we came out with a wordplay for the slogan using the name of the brand.


To this we added three variations:

Fruco has always been a product that was present in all family kitchens, so we wanted to include all the members of the family in our campaign.

Web Design

As part of the campaign, we launched a blog with high quality content, video recipes, promotions, raffles and much more.The design of this blog was focused on underlining how tomato sauce can be an essential ingredient in most of your recipes by offering a big variety of delicious meals you could easily make at home.

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