Designing a website and a social media campaign.

UI Design / Social Media

Project Overview

Gladpacks is a Spain-based online store that competes with large online retailers such as Amazon.  While working at the agency MarketingPublicidad in Seville, Spain, we were approached by Gladpacks to build this new brand’s materials.  Working closely with a diverse creative team, my role in the project was to direct the website's User Experience and Interface and to create social media campaigns based on the brand’s style guide.

Web Design

The design of the website focused on three core principles: 1) Easy and intuitive user experience, 2) Friendly design 3) giving off a clear and direct message of what the company is immediately.

Some examples of implementation include: using icons and images with friendly smiles to accompany the smiley-face logo, adding a clickable category header with icons so users know everything offered from the first look to the home page, addition of a slide at the top of the home page with a simple 3-step diagram of how the Gladpacks works.

Social Media

Working closely with the Social Media department, I was appointed as lead designer to bring their Cyber Monday campaign to fruition based on the style guide and the ideas of the campaign provided.

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