Redesigning a community app

Redesigning the experience of the Vibely mobile app.


UX/UI Design

Interaction Design

User Testing

1. Problem

Our creators were having a hard time getting their members to onboard and engage on Vibely.

- Users were complaining that the mobile app was hard to use.
- Users found the navigation confusing.

2. Research

Research questions to answer:

How do we make the app more intuitive to navigate?
How do we make it easier for users to understand the main concepts of the app?
How do we increase the overall engagement on the mobile app?

2.1. Understanding the product


- The most popular features were Challenges and Circles chats
- The communities that performed the best were large communities focused on self-improvement
- The majority of members seemed to be young women (20-35)
- The different roles in a community were creators, members, and ambassadors

2.2. Understanding the users


- Main motivations were accountability, making/meeting friends, and a sense of community.
- Many members found the leaderboard “too competitive”.
- Members were not organically searching for new communities.
- Landing on the Challenges sections worked better for new users vs. landing on Circles.
- Main pain points were discoverability and usability of important features, as well as guidance on what actions to take next.

2.3. User Journey Map

2.4. Research learnings

- Unclear that users can swipe left and right to switch between challenges
- Too many chats and no way of organizing them
- Meetups and announcements are hidden / Users couldn’t see the date or time the messages were sent
- Very confusing way of tracking progress in challenges

2.5. Narrowing focus

- Provide guidance on what to do next throughout the app
- Improve discoverability of challenges, meetups, and announcements
- Improve concurrency on circle chats
- Optimize circle chats and its notifications
- Help users track their progress on challenges

3. Exploration

- I explored various possible solutions.
- Had brainstorming sessions with the team.
- Worked closely with engineers to identify possible technical limitations.
- Tested ideas with prototypes to collect internal and external feedback

4. Final Deliverables

4.1. Focus: Improve discoverability of Challenges

- Add an overview of all the challenges in the community
- Remove unnecessary elements and organizing the information presented
- Allow users to start commenting from the challenge feed
- Change the light bulb to a clapping icon to increase excitement 

4.2. Focus: Improve onboarding experience and providing guidance for new users

- Engage user through picking communities as first step
- Add a “Vibe Check” as strong statement of our values on positive vibes
- Ask for name and profile photo after landing on the community
- Banner to guide users on what’s next

4.3. Focus: Provide guidance for existing users

- Guides users on what to do next. It first recommends challenges previously joined by the user or challenges with a deadline.

4.4. Focus: Improve organization and concurrency on Circle chats

- Favorite a circle to bring it up on the list and to receive all notifications about it
- Leave a circle to remove it from the list and stop receiving notifications about it

4.5. Focus: Improve discoverability of Meetups

- Add a meetup section to allow users to browse through all the community events and its details

4.6. Focus: Improve discoverability of Announcements

- Display global announcements throughout the main sections of the app

4.7. Focus: Help users track their progress

- Add the concept of badges
- A more concise and attractive way to showcase interests
- Add section to track the user’s challenge progress
- Add section to display Meetups users are attending

5. Outcome

- Successfully reduced the learning curve for new users
- Made the navigation experience more enjoyable throughout the app.
- The overall engagement score of the mobile app progressively increased (over 40% since two months previous to shipping all the changes).

Engagement score is the unique number of users who:
     - Interacted with challenges
     - Interacted with circles
     - Interacted with meetups
     - Interacted with announcements

Potential Opportunity Areas

- Announcements feed for easier access to news. Both creators and members have asked for it.
- Global home feed with the latest news of all the communities users have joined. Members have asked for this but the business has two main concerns:
    - Not many members join more than 3 communities.
     - Vibely has been working as a “SAAS” product for creators.